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Pennsylvania Gettysburg Battle Cannons  
 Gettysburg Battle Cannons at Gettysburg Cemetery - Pennsylvania
 Large Version on Gettysburg Pictures Pg

Gettysburg Battle + Historic Battlefield
& Nearby Attractions
- Pennsylvania

Overnight or Day Trip "Must See's" Tips
- Fall Foliage Vacation Drive
- "Review" & Tips

+ Return trip Via Pennsylvania Dutch Country - (Amish Country)

Nearby" Attractions to Pennsylvania Pocono Mountains

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Pennsylvania Fall Foliage + Attractions

Battle of
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Gettysburg Pennsylvania Restaurant Top Picks

Gettysburg Battleground Attractions + Amish Country Trip -
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The overnight or 2-day trip to the Gettysburg Battle Historic area is a "Must See" Tips for any Pennsylvania Pocono Mountains or PA Delaware Water Gap Area Mountain Fall Foliage Vacation.

Day Trips Reviewed are from the Bushkill or Shawnee-on-Delaware PA lodging areas.

Overnight Trip to Historic Gettysburg & Battle Site

This trip is a definate "Must See." Tips It is an almost 3 hour drive southwest down down to the Site of the Historic Civil War Gettysburg Battlefield and nearby Gettysburg National Park Visitors Center in Gettysburg, PA so recommend you go for at least an overnight at one of the many motels or B & B's near the Gettysburg National Military Park. (See Gettysburg Area "User Rated" Motel & B & B comparison search Link below "Buggy" picture toward bottom.)

Area of Gettysbury Battle Picture      
Gettysburg Battlefield Area Countryside
Large Pict Version on Gettysburg Pictures Pg.  

The Gettysburg Battlefield Site is very well preserved and marked so you can follow the changes in the "progress" of the 3-day Battle. Self-guided or guided tours are available of the Gettysburg battle grounds. Many picture opportunities.

Do First Tip Tips -- Don't miss the "Battlefield Map Show" in the National Park Visitors Center which uses colored lights to show the many changes in the 3-day Gettysburg Battle direction over the nearby countryside. Viewing the Light show Map first helps you follow the "big picture" when you are out on the Battlefield in the now peaceful Gettysburg farming Civil War Site. (See area of Battlefield Picture above.)

This link goes to the National Park Service Gettysburg Web Site with extensive information and Links on the Battle of Gettysburg History and the National Military Park Visitor Center / Gettysburg Museum - including fees. Open all year - September through May 8 AM to 5 PM - June through August 8 AM to 6 PM. An online Gettysburg Battle and Gettysburg Park Photo Galleries List is also available with much interesting history, pictures, and maps of the 3-day Gettysburg Battle.

    Gettysburg Cemetery   Fall Gettysburg Cemetery Picture 
  Large Pict Version on Gettysburg Pictures Pg

The Gettysburg Cemetery is also a "Must See." TipsTo The Soldiers National Cemetery at Gettysburg Web Site with interesting history and pictures.

Also don't miss the nearby Eisenhower National Historic Site and Eisenhower Farm -
complete with Ike's personal putting green and greenhouse behind the residence! This link goes to the Eisenhower National Historic Web Site with much Info + Times and dates open and fees.
The 14-block self guided walking tour among about 90 restored Historic Gettysburg buildings is very interesting with bullet holes in buildings and the building histories - as well as the Info on where the citizens of Gettysburg tried to hide to when parts of the the Gettysburg battle moved to the town and soldiers took over some buildings for snipers, etc. Nice change of pace after you have completed the 36-mile driving tour of the Gettysburg valley and battlefield.

See one of our Site Viewers Picture and comments on The Gettysburg Battlefield "Overnight Trip" on this new "Gettysburg Battlefield Trip - Our Family Loved It!" Page. You can even make your own comments about the Gettysburg Battlefield or other area Attractions -- or comment on their comments about it.

Restaurant Tips Tips- Have a sandwich for lunch at the interesting underground Springhouse Tavern / Restaurant at the Dobbin House and enjoy the historical former slave hideout setting while you dine. Can view small underground springs which are origin of name. Reasonable prices, good food and excellent service. Reservations help. More on our Gettysburg Restaurants Page.

Evening Dining upstairs at the Alexander Dobbin Dining Rooms is also fun where you are served by staff dressed in period garb. Six historic dining rooms - great desserts - reservations needed. Not a good choice if you are watching a budget. More Info on both of these Gettysburg PA Restaurants + other favorites on our Gettysburg Pennsylvania Restaurant Top Picks page.

Pennsylvania Dutch Country
and Amish Farm area Return Trip Option - a "Must See"

Can do return trip by way of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country and the towns of Lancaster and Bird-in-Hand Amish Country, PA areas to see some interesting Amish country and farm areas.

   Amish Horse and Buggy - With Turn Signals!      
Amish Buggy - Horse Drawn with Turn Signals!    

(May even get to see a horse-drawn Amish buggy at a stop light with it's turn signals flashing!).

This link goes to the Pennsylvania Dutch Country Web Site with much Info on the Lancaster, PA area and the Amish Country, Amish People and Culture, and local Attractions.
(Motel and B & B Lodging Info & "User Rating" Link below.)

Can check out some "rugged" Amish Furniture and a hand-sewn Amish quilt or two -
which is what my wife was interested in - (to view Vs buy thank goodness!).

When you are driving in the countryside among the Amish Farms, notice the clothes lines on pulleys with one end near the back door of the house and the other end high on a pole or the side of the barn - very efficient for hanging clothes on the line - and also gets the clothes out of reach of any animals that might be wandering in the area.

This overnight or 2-day trip will take a bit of advance planning, but should be a "Must See" Tipsin any Pocono Mountain Vacations Itinerary.

Interested in User Reviews of Gettysburg Hotels & Motels or Bed & Breakfast Inns?

(Several of the Gettysburg Motels have a free Contentinal Breakfast)

Read candid user reviews and see
23 Gettysburg Area, Pennsylvania Hotels & Resorts ranked by User popularity with comparison pricing and pictures at: Compare prices and read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor for Gettysburg, PA Hotels & Vacation Condo Rentals.
   Click Green "
B&Bs/Inns" tab on page for 14 area B & B/Inn listings with User Ratings and comparison prices.

Like to visit the Pennsylvania Dutch Country and the Lancaster, PA area Amish Country a bit longer?

Read candid user reviews and see 30 Amish Community Lancaster, Pennsylvania Hotels & Resorts ranked by User popularity with comparison pricing and pictures at: Compare prices and read what other travelers have to say at TripAdvisor for Lancaster, PA Hotels & Vacation Condo Rentals.
Click Green "B&B/Inns" Tab on page to see User Info, Ratings, and comparison Prices on 12 Lancaster, Pennsylvania area Bed & Breakfast's & Inns.

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Historic Gettysburg
Battle Picture Album and Battlefield Pictures + Gettysburg Cemetery, & Amish Buggy - horse drawn with turning lights pictures / wallpapers / downloadable screensavers - Pennsylvania

Gettysburg Pennsylvania Restaurant Top Picks - "Reviews" and Tips

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Historic New Hampshire Mt Washington Hotel - New Hampshire Vacation Resort Rentals Option - nearby area Fall Foliage Vacation Scenic Day Trips, NH Fall Foliage Attractions and Colorful White Mountain Fall Foliage Viewing Drives. 

New Hampshire Attraction Listing - "Must See's" and "Could See's" + NH Scenic Fall Foliage Viewing Road Trips and White Mountain Attractions

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